Documentation Guidelines

Documentation Guidelines for Unusual Source Types, Writing Process Research Project


In-text citations:

  1. photos you took
  2. video you shot
  3. participant drawings
  4. images reproduced from Prior & Shipka article
  5. interview quotations (alphabetic text form)

Bibliographic citations:

  1. photos/video recordings
  2. participant drawings
  3. interviews

In-text Citations:

1. photos you took:

Figure 1: Sam's "Scene of Writing"

2. video you shot:

Figure 2: Laura Talks about Her Writing Process in the Dorms

3. picture drawn by research participant:

Figure 3: Stages of Anna's Writing Process in Chronological Order

4. images reproduced from Prior & Shipka article

Figure 4: Johnson's Process Drawing (Prior & Shipka)

5. written quotations from interview:

…However, from top left, she also depicted her classroom, the engineering library (Grainger), a bus, and the food court in the student union (labeled with the names of two food chains). She explained how she immediately thought of doing something different in class when the assignment was given and settled rapidly on the idea of doing a word search:

Ah, well right when they had, they had said it, like, I, I had an idea right away, like, what I wanted to do. I wanted to do something different because this was, this was based on something they want you to be able to like live by so I knew I wanted something that was 250 words on a piece of paper and, um, right in class, like, they, they told us about it and I started, like, thinking of all the different possible words and, I knew I couldn’t get them all to go in 250 words, so I figured the best way to do is probably a word search. (Neuman [unless sentence leading into quote identifies speaker])

Thus, as the class moved on to other activities, Neuman began working in her head on this assignment. She also indicated in the interview that she had worked on this assignment during that week in several classes (when she got bored). Clearly, her work on this project was diffuse, dispersed across multiple scenes. This dispersion, Neuman indicated, was typical, but more extensive than usual (e.g., noting that she rarely worked on the bus) because she was so engaged in this task…

Bibliographic Citation Formats:

1. photos or video you shot:

Your Last Name, Your First Name. “Photo or Video Title/Description.” Date Created. Digital File Type.

2. pictures participants drew:

Participant Last Name, Participant First Name. “Drawing Title/Description.” Date Created. Drawing.

3. interviews you conducted:

Participant Last Name, Participant First Name. Personal interview. Date Interview Conducted.


Research Tools and Technical Support

Research Tools and Technical Support

Research Tools and Technical Support for Writing Process Research Project



  • Adding page to blog

  • Recording Equipment

    • media services
    • own devices
    • screen capture (PC & Mac)
  • Embedding primary data in pages/posts

    • formatting block quotes
    • upload, embed, caption images
    • upload & embed other files (like pdfs)
    • embed & caption video
    • convert audio file into video for embedding

Adding Page to Blog:

to add a page to your blog:

Recording Equipment:

Borrow from Media Services

Use own recording devices (including phone, tablet, etc)

Screen Capture: Screencast-o-Matic

screen recorder program (for PC or Mac–uses laptop built-in mic, no download required):

To save recording: Use “publish on Youtube” option, using SCU Google account or personal Google account. Or “publish to video file” to save the file locally. (see image below)

screencast-publish to youtube

Trouble with Screencast-o-Matic? Try using a different browser:

Screen Capture: QuickTime 10

Mac only–-uses laptop built-in mic, comes with all Apple computers

see these instructions

Embedding primary data media in WordPress pages/posts:

formatting block quotes from interview transcripts:

uploading, embedding, & captioning images:

uploading & embedding images:

captioning & editing images:

uploading & embedding other file types (like pdfs):

embedding & captioning video using YouTube:

uploading video to YouTube:

embedding YouTube video in page:

captioning video:

embedding audio:

You cannot embed audio files directly into WordPress pages. Instead you’ll turn your audio file into a video using an IMAGE file and your AUDIO file.

step 1: Get ready an image file and your audio file

step 2, PC: audio to video tutorial for PC:

step 2, Mac: audio to video tutorial for Mac:

TH 3/12: Reflecting on & studying the future of writing instruction

For today’s class:

Retrospective discussion activity Multimodality & the (non)digital Introduce Future of Harris’ Key Idea assignment Evaluations

Multimodality & Future of Harris’ Key Idea assignment

Corrections from pdf:

  • Due date: Tuesday, March 17 @ 2:00 pm
  • Submission instructions: submit page URL to Camino dropbox for digital projects, turn in physical projects in person at my office (SJ 205).

the-future-of-one-of-harris_s-keyc2a0ideas-assignment-prompt rubric-for-future-of-one-of-harris_-key-ideas

“Web 2.0 The Machine is Us/ing Us”:

“A Vision of Students Today”

Day 17: T 3/3–Composing with multiple modes and media

For today’s class:

Harris & Sources Assignment: Close Reading Component, Organization & Learning Objectives

  • Comments on Writing Process Research Project assignment
  • Harris & Sources Assignment: Close Reading Component, Organization & Learning Objectives
  • Sorting citation data using spreadsheets to look for patterns/clusters
  • Upcoming assignment deadlines/schedule

Sorting citation data in spreadsheet to look for patterns/clusters

Sample data from Wardle citation analysis activity:

Spreadsheet sorting instructions for different software added to top of Harris & Sources Assignment page

Upcoming assignment deadlines/schedule

For Thursday: