Day 1 — January 6 – Course Introduction

COURSE OVERVIEW: Syllabus & Assignments; Blog setup

Day 2 — January 8 – Where does composition come from? and what does it do?

Accept invitations from classmates to view their course blogs
Review assignment description for Leading Methods Activity. Come to class with any followup questions you have about this assignment.
Write first reading log post due by 5 pm Wed, Jan 7
Blog Comment partners:
NOTE: If your partner’s post isn’t up after 5 pm, or if they haven’t yet registered their blog with me (i.e. there’s no link to it on the righthand sidebar), email me to let me know (
If you still need to register your blog with me, here’s the link to the Google form:


1 Andrews III,Larry Frederick 1. Emile
2 Anthony,Nicholas Paul 2.Larry
3 Asher,Maggie Anne 3. Nicholas
4 Cheung,Brian Matthew Sengchi 4. Maggie
5 Conway,Andrew 5. Brian
6 Cushing,Clara Marie 6. Andrew
7 Diepenbrock,Laura Jean 7. Clara
8 Flynn,John 8. Laura
9 Hoang,Diane Nhi 9. John
10 Hunt,Daniel Robert 10. Diane
11 Jalili,Candice Bebenaz 11. Daniel
12 James,Sarah Frances 12. Candice
13 Kuehn,Kaitlyn 13. Sarah
14 Muller,Claire M 14. Kaitlyn
15 Nalukas,Isabella R 15. Claire
16 Nistler,Louise 16. Isabella
17 Pai,Chi 17. Louise
18 Panzarella,Michael-Owen 18. Chi
19 Prasad,Nikki 19. Michael-Owen
20 Scarlett,Randy Alexander 20. Nikki
21 Smith,Josh James Digby 21. Randy
22 White,Emilie 22. Josh

In class:

  • discuss Connors article
  • sign up for journal to research for Tuesday’s class
  • Weigh in on group formation and group/individual grading policies for the Leading Methods Activity assignment: We’ll discuss results and form groups on/by Friday.

 Presentation TETYC

Research your journal (see journal sign-up list posted below).
Google doc with links to journals:
You must be signed into the SCU library to access many of these journals.
In addition to your regular reading log post on Harris “Growth”, answer the following questions about your journal. NO REPLY/COMMENT required for journal research post and Harris “Growth”.
  • what the is focus of this journal within composition/writing studies as a field? what is its mission? what kinds of research does it publish?
  • who is its target audience? what evidence tells you this?
  • who publishes it? (what professional organization, university, etc)
  • who edits it–where does the editor(s) work? what kind of research do they do?
  • look at the titles and abstracts listed in the table of contents for one recent issue–what’s currently being published in this journal? Include a link, screen capture, pdf version etc of the table of contents your discuss in your post.

Journal sign-up list:


Day 3 — January 13 — Professional organizations and policies for the teaching of writing

WPA Outcomes Statement for First-Year Writing (link to open pdf is at bottom of linked page)


In Class:

  • Blog housekeeping:
    • Private blogs: Add new people to your blogs
    • Set comments to post automatically
  • Reports on journals: what is the field of writing studies/composition?
  • Harris’s “Growth” A Teaching Subject
  • Go over Leading Methods Activity Assignment, sign up for groups & dates
  • Finalize LMA assignment grading procedure



Day 4 — January 15 – Growth through writing

Sign up forLeading Methods Activity: Scout’s Honor not to overwrite groups who have already signed up

Choose your own group and sign up for Leading Methods Activity date:



A Teaching Subject Ch. 2 “Voice”

1 Andrews III,Larry Frederick 1. Josh
2 Anthony,Nicholas Paul 2.Emile
3 Samantha 3. Larry
4 Cheung,Brian Matthew Sengchi 4. Nicholas
5 Conway,Andrew 5. Samantha
6 Cushing,Clara Marie 6. Brian
7 Diepenbrock,Laura Jean 7. Andrew
8 Flynn,John 8. Clara
9 Hoang,Diane Nhi 9. Laura
10 Hunt,Daniel Robert 10. John
11 Jalili,Candice Bebenaz 11. Diane
12 James,Sarah Frances 12. Daniel
13 Kuehn,Kaitlyn 13. Candice
14 Muller,Claire M 14. Sarah
15 Nalukas,Isabella R 15. Kaitlyn
16 Nistler,Louise 16. Claire
17 Pai,Chi 17. Isabella
18 Panzarella,Michael-Owen 18. Louise
19 Prasad,Nikki 19. Chi
20 Scarlett,Randy Alexander 20. Michael-Owen
21 Smith,Josh James Digby 21. Nikki
22 White,Emilie 22. Randy


Day 5 — Jan 20 — Growth then


Sign up forLeading Methods Activity: Scout’s Honor not to overwrite groups who have already signed up

Choose your own group and sign up for Leading Methods Activity date:



In class: demonstration of Leading Methods Activity assignment
1 Andrews III,Larry Frederick 1. Randy
2 Anthony,Nicholas Paul 2.Josh
3 Samantha 3. Emile
4 Cheung,Brian Matthew Sengchi 4. Larry
5 Conway,Andrew 5. Nicholas
6 Cushing,Clara Marie 6. Samantha
7 Diepenbrock,Laura Jean 7. Brian
8 Flynn,John 8. Andrew
9 Hoang,Diane Nhi 9. Clara
10 Hunt,Daniel Robert 10. Laura
11 Jalili,Candice Bebenaz 11. John
12 James,Sarah Frances 12. Diane
13 Kuehn,Kaitlyn 13. Daniel
14 Muller,Claire M 14. Candice
15 Nalukas,Isabella R 15. Sarah
16 Nistler,Louise 16. Kaitlyn
17 Pai,Chi 17. Claire
18 Panzarella,Michael-Owen 18. Isabella
19 Prasad,Nikki 19. Louise
20 Scarlett,Randy Alexander 20. Chi
21 Smith,Josh James Digby 21. Michael-Owen
22 White,Emilie 22. Nikki

Day 6 — Jan 22 — Growth now

Wardle “Understanding Transfer from-fyc

Read description of Harris and His Sources Assignment to prepare for in-class activity with Wardle article



1 Andrews III,Larry Frederick 1. Nikki
2 Anthony,Nicholas Paul 2.Randy
3 Samantha 3. Josh
4 Cheung,Brian Matthew Sengchi 4. Emile
5 Conway,Andrew 5. Larry
6 Cushing,Clara Marie 6. Nicholas
7 Diepenbrock,Laura Jean 7.Samantha
8 Flynn,John 8. Brian
9 Hoang,Diane Nhi 9. Andrew
10 Hunt,Daniel Robert 10. Clara
11 Jalili,Candice Bebenaz 11. Laura
12 James,Sarah Frances 12. John
13 Kuehn,Kaitlyn 13. Diane
14 Muller,Claire M 14. Daniel
15 Nalukas,Isabella R 15. Candice
16 Nistler,Louise 16. Sarah
17 Pai,Chi 17. Kaitlyn
18 Panzarella,Michael-Owen 18. Claire
19 Prasad,Nikki 19. Isabella
20 Scarlett,Randy Alexander 20. Louise
21 Smith,Josh James Digby 21. Chi
22 White,Emilie 22. Michael-Owen

WEEK 3 In class: model Harris and his sources assignment using Wardle article

Day 7 — Jan 27 – The writer’s voice


Harris Ch. 5 “Community”


1 Andrews III,Larry Frederick 1. Michael-Owen
2 Anthony,Nicholas Paul 2.Nikki
3 Samantha 3. Randy
4 Cheung,Brian Matthew Sengchi 4. Josh
5 Conway,Andrew 5. Emile
6 Cushing,Clara Marie 6. Larry
7 Diepenbrock,Laura Jean 7. Nicholas
8 Flynn,John 8. Samantha
9 Hoang,Diane Nhi 9. Brian
10 Hunt,Daniel Robert 10. Andrew
11 Jalili,Candice Bebenaz 11. Clara
12 James,Sarah Frances 12. Laura
13 Kuehn,Kaitlyn 13. John
14 Muller,Claire M 14. Diane
15 Nalukas,Isabella R 15. Daniel
16 Nistler,Louise 16. Candice
17 Pai,Chi 17. Sarah
18 Panzarella,Michael-Owen 18. Kaitlyn
19 Prasad,Nikki 19. Claire
20 Scarlett,Randy Alexander 20. Isabella
21 Smith,Josh James Digby 21. Louise
22 White,Emilie 22. Chi

Day 8 — Jan 29 – Voice then


1 Andrews III,Larry Frederick 1.
2 Anthony,Nicholas Paul 2.
3 Samantha 3.
4 Cheung,Brian Matthew Sengchi 4.
5 Conway,Andrew 5.
6 Cushing,Clara Marie 6.
7 Diepenbrock,Laura Jean 7.
8 Flynn,John 8.
9 Hoang,Diane Nhi 9
10 Hunt,Daniel Robert 10.
11 Jalili,Candice Bebenaz 11.
12 James,Sarah Frances 12.
13 Kuehn,Kaitlyn 13.
14 Muller,Claire M 14.
15 Nalukas,Isabella R 15.
16 Nistler,Louise 16.
17 Pai,Chi 17.
18 Panzarella,Michael-Owen 18.
19 Prasad,Nikki 19.
20 Scarlett,Randy Alexander 20.
21 Smith,Josh James Digby 21.
22 White,Emilie 22.

Day 9 — Feb 3 – Voice now


Royster “When the First Voice You Hear Is Not Your Own” + blog post & classmate comment


Comment on the blog of your choice.
 In class: narrative as argument


Day 10 — Feb 5 – The writing process

A Teaching Subject Ch. 3 “Process” + blog post & classmate comment

In class: discuss “Writing Process Research Project” assignment


Comment on the blog of your choice.

Day 11 — Feb 10 – Process then

Berkenkotter & Murray “Decisions and Revisions: The Planning Strategies of a Publishing Writer, and Response of a Laboratory Rat; Or, Being Protocoled” + blog post & classmate comment


Comment on the blog of your choice (different from previous)

Day 12 — Feb 12 – Process now

Prior & Shipka “Chronotopic Lamination: Tracing the Contours of Literate Activity” + blog post & classmate comment

READ FIRST HALF Prior & Shipka article ONLY: stop when you get to “Reflections on Chronotopic Lamination” section


Comment on the blog of your choice (choose different blog than other comments)


Day 13 — Feb 17 – Error and correctness

A Teaching Subject Ch. 4 “Error” + blog post & classmate comment

Bring to class work in progress (notes, outlines, etc) & questions about Harris & His Sources assignment


Comment on the blog of your choice.

Day 14 — Feb 19 – Teaching correctness then

ACTIVITY LEADERS: Addie Beck, Emma Ferrell, Ivan Munoz

Shaughnessy Introduction from Errors and Expectations + blog post & classmate comment


Comment on the blog of your choice (different than before).

Day 15 — Feb 24 – Teaching correctness now

Myers “ReMembering the Sentence” + blog post & classmate comment


Comment on the blog of your choice, different than before.
 In class: midterm evaluations; Sentence CombiningThey Say, I Say, AntConc


Day 16  — Feb 26 – Reporting on writing process research

Writing Process Research Assignment due before class

In class:

  • present research project findings, reflect on empirical writing research process
  • sign up for consultation meetings with instructor on Harris & sources assignment next week


Days 19 March 3-Composing with multiple modes and media

ACTIVITY LEADERS: Natalie Kelly, Sabine Hoskinson, Alex Golding, Katie Fauria

Shipka “A Multimodal Task-Based Framework for Composing”+ blog post & classmate comment

Day 20–March 3 & 5 – Harris & sources project meetings

Meet with instructor to check in on progress with Harris & sources assignment. See Harris & Sources assignment description for instructions for preparing for meeting.

Schedule for Harris & sources consultations:

Day 21–March 10 – Reflecting on and updating Harris’ concepts

Read assignment description for The Future of One of Harris’s Key Ideas

Read NCTE Position Statement on Multimodal Literacies

Retrospective blog post:

Look back over your reading log posts from this quarter and identify a few topics that come up repeatedly in your responses to course readings. For each topic, briefly describe what it is and what you’ve written about it over the course of the quarter. This reflective writing assignment is designed to get you thinking about topics to investigate for the final course assignment, the “Future of One of Harris’ Key Ideas” assignment, so use this writing exercise as an opportunity to begin thinking about topics for that assignment.

No classmate comment for this post.

In Class:

  • course synthesis
  • introduce & discuss Future of Harris Key Idea assignment
  • sign up for consultation meetings on Future of One of Harris’ Key Idea assignment
  • course evaluations

Day 22 — March 12 – Reflecting on & studying the future of writing instruction

For today’s class:

Retrospective discussion activity

Multimodality & the (non)digital

Introduce Future of Harris’ Key Idea assignment



Retrospective discussion activity

Small group topics for discussion (drawn from blog posts):

voice: its importance, characteristics, applicability in academic writing

content/form tensions: when and how should form be taught, and to whom? are there tradeoffs between attention to content and form?

student engagement and pedagogogy: responsibilities of students and faculty for engaging writing pedagogies

multimodality: should composing in other modes be included in writing instruction? if so, when, where, and how?

Questions to consider:

What ideas do you draw from across readings about these topics?

How might you follow up on them in the final assignment?


Multimodality & Future of Harris’ Key Idea assignment

Assignment description pdf

Rubric pdf


For Wednesday & Friday’s classes:

check-ins and consultations for final assignment: check in virtually via blog to report on progress with final project –OR– schedule f-2-f consultation to discuss final project

Let me know by 9 am on Wednesday/Friday if you want to meet & what you want to discuss — so that I can prepare material and create a consultation schedule (if necessary)


Course evaluation info:

Course #: English 16

Section #:

Course title: Introduction to Writing Studies & Digital Publishing

Future of One of Harris’ Key Ideas Assignment due to Camino @ 4:30 pm


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