Reading Logs & In-Class Discussions/Activities


For each chapter or article you read for homework, post a short reading response that includes

  1. a post title that identifies what reading the post is on
  2. a quote from the part of the reading that most struck you –OR– a summary of the section that most struck you (include page #)
  3. how that quote/section relates to the reading’s major ideas
  4. what struck you about the quote/section: what your reaction to it is, why you think it’s important in light of course theme, how it relates to other readings in this course

To seed class in-class discussion, you’ll also read each others’ posts and comment on them. To set up a rotation that will have you reading everyone’s posts, Your comment should

  • compare what the author found most striking to what you found most striking, drawing connections/contrasts between your responses
  • comment on their discussion of this part of the reading–do you agree with their interpretation of the section/quote?
  • connect their discussion to idea, questions, or issues discussed throughout the quarter

Due Dates

  • Reading response posts are due by 8 pm the night before class (i.e. 8 pm on Monday and Wednesday nights)
  • Comments are before class (i.e. 11:45 am on Tuesday and Thursday)

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